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What made my girl drench herself up with her thin and tight shirt and tiny panties? It was a crazy slumber party last night and I bet she remembers little of what really happened. From the booze fights and the crazy fun wrestling at the pool, it was one heck of wild night for all of us. Who knows what’s all that wet stuff all over her! Could be water, could be beer… all I know is she knows how to have a damn good time with me and our friends, and she likes it best to play around wet and wild!



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My girlfriend can’t stay put for a minute or so without doing anything. And that includes some adventurous and naughty antics that she is proud to share to everyone. That’s what I love about her! There was this one time where she was left home alone. After doing some chores and errands, she tries out her phone’s camera and snapped away some really hot photos! It was like a strip show in still motion. From little clothing to none at all, she bares everything and gets really wild on camera! With that every flash the camera makes, it’s like a pleasure spell that made her play with herself good!



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My GF decided to wear the new bikini we bought the other week for our planned boat trip. It was our moment to relax and unwind under the hot summer sun and you know what we plan to do later. After giving her some sun screen, she decides to lay down without her top! She says she doesn’t want those tan lines bugging her so she’s flashing her hot pair of breasts proud. Other than enjoying the view, I really don’t need to look far since the best view is right in front of me. I’d motorboat those in a heartbeat!

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Some girls enjoy the childish stuff that makes them so annoying sometimes… but not my GF! When she gets the time to finish her homework early, she plays around her room in her favorite pair of undies. Damn, she really looks good in it! When we get the chance to hang out at her place, she gets all cozy having only the two of us in the house. She walks around without any top on and boy she’d love to do some wild stuff in the living room and kitchen too! I really don’t mind seeing her wearing only those. In fact, she could wear nothing at all!



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Give my GF a bottle of booze and she’ll give you a freakin’ good time in return! We attended a friend’s party and rented a private venue to host other guests as well who aren’t afraid to go a level up on throwing an awesome party. Of course a party wouldn’t be complete without the games. So we decided to play some strip roulette among other cash-involved ice breakers. By some weird fate, the bottle kept on pointing to my GF and she has no qualms about it! She doesn’t only take a piece of her clothing off, she also gives a hot booty dance on top of the table while consuming that booze!



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My GF wore this really sexy black dress to a family dinner over the weekend. It hugged her curvy body and boobies perfectly as if it was custom made just for her shape! As we got to dinner, she got a bit bored and whispered to me, asking to guess whether she’s wearing panties on or not. Man that got my night all heated up! She asked me to follow her to that empty function hall next door to check out the answer to her question. Trying to spot her hot buns as she walks, I really thought she didn’t wear any, until she decided to take her one-piece dress off. HOT!



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Moving to a new place is quite a tiring task to do for a whole day but my GF knows how to make the day a little bit more fun. As we finished unpacking everything at our new flat, she says she could use a shower, but before that, handed me her camera and asked me to take shots of her. Not just any plain shoot, she was removing her clothes on as I take every shot! She wanted to have a photo on every part of the new flat we have. Boy I forgot about being tired from carrying all our heavy stuff.



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Why do girls take a lot of time in using the bathroom? All we know is just they need to clean up and go… unless they also do some naughty stuff like us guys do. I asked my GF about this and instead of explaining, she asked me to join her take a bath for me to figure out what really goes on when a girl takes her bath. I suddenly noticed a camera on the shelf of the bathroom and figured, she’s doing some self-admiration of her own, naked! Who can blame her? She’s got those awesome headlights on and shaved pussy that I can dive into anytime!

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Girlfriends get connected and click for having the same interests. As for my GF and her GF, both of them share the same likes and habits, and may I mention, a really sexy habit! You may find other girls who love to do a bit of cam whoring when they see a mirror. As for my GF’s GF, she does the same thing but with a little showing of skin involved. How sexy is that! She really has delicious breasts that look really healthy just by looking at it. What more when she flashes them all out? Oh, I can only imagine!

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I was about to ask my GF out for a day at the mall and do some catching up on what’s showing in the cinema. As I get ready, she sends me a text and picture message of her asking if what she’s wearing would do for our date. It took me a while before I answered her because I got driven to zoom in on almost every part of the photo she sent. I really love how her fitted top hugged those pair of hooters! I just can’t wait to get it on with her again… but first, must answer her question… It’s actually PERFECT!